Thursday, October 29, 2009

Teen Out of Control – How to Handle a Hostile & Defiant Teen

The sweet little child has finally grown up into a teen. As parents, it is important to understand the transition that your teenager is going through at this age.

Very often you hear parents complain about the hostile, violent, aggressive and defiant behaviors of their teenagers. Teen out of control issue is common, but it cannot be taken likely. It needs to be addressed immediately.

Lecturing, scolding, punishing and nagging will make the teenager more defensive. It is hard to understand what teenagers have to go through today. At adolescent years, they like to challenge their parents. They like to live in an adult’s world but do not have the responsibility and maturity of an adult. As parents, it is your role to ensure the teen is making responsible and correct decision.

It is definitely very taxing when you have a situation of teen out of control. Fortunately not all defiant cases are very severe. In most situations, your teenager’s issue can be resolved with some self-help methods.

The common methods are:
1) Grounding the teenager
2) Be tough and set limits
3) Be soft and don’t nitpick (try to be their friends)
4) Removing privilege
5) Reasoning with your teen

The success of these methods is very much depending on the execution part. If you have tried the techniques without much success, there is an unconventional parenting strategy which has helped thousand of parents worldwide to reestablish good relationship with their teenagers.

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